Shenzhen HYG Auto Parts Co,ltd, founded in May 2013, has been specializing in the development, design and manufacture of checking fixtures, welding jigs, visual inspection equipment and automation equipment, as well as the relevant auxiliary services. The main products are automotive sheet metal fixtures, automotive interior and exterior fixtures, assembly fixtures, welding robot station and welding jigs for the automotive interiors and exteriors parts .HYG has succeeded in providing intelligent solutions of upgrading and transformation for many industries (Such as OA industry / automotive manufacturing industry / home appliance industry / medical equipment, etc.).

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    Give full play to the four advantages to improve work efficiency
    • Brand advantage

      Strengthen internal management, implement innovative mechanisms, and actively improve the overall technical level of employees. A variety of self-developed automation equipment and manipulators have been put into practical use at home and abroad.

    • Team Advantage

      The company pays attention to the construction of a professional team, with more than 50 professional and technical personnel of various types, among which there are currently more than 20 high-end engineering and technical personnel, occupying a unique technical advantage.

    • Market Advantage

      The company has always adhered to the boutique route, focusing on market customers for many years, and has become the designated partner of Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Honda, BMW and other automobile brands.

    • Best service

      The industry's first 5S service standard system, complete spare parts and high-precision, high-efficiency automotive welding fixture supporting equipment; perfect after-sales service, timely two-way information feedback.

    Industry hot spots, master corporate consulting


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